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Truckee River – Where’s my hat?

Never had a bad day on the Truckee River.  All though I didn't catch anything, a momment in time says it all. … [Read more...]

What in the world is a … Dirka Dirka?

“Customers have come in to Full Belly Deli from Reno, Sacramento and all over the Truckee-Tahoe area to score a Dirka Dirka. The sandwich is named after Dirk, a local real estate agent who requested one daily.”  Not really, when Full Belly Deli opened in 2007, Chef Tom enjoyed making me something different not on the menu, ginny pig if you will.  Corned beef, … [Read more...]

Lake Tahoe Experience

[Read more...]

Turn Signal or Me Generation?

Here's an idea, use your turn signal?  It's a simple task that everyone should execute when you plan to turn your vehicle or motorcycle to give others a heads up that you plan to turn.  I can't tell you how many times I've waited to turn right only to simply miss an opportunity to pull out because some yahoo doesn't use the turn signal.  Every time I ask myself, is it … [Read more...]